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E-Cigarette Dangers

What e-cigarette dangers are you exposing yourself to by using electronic cigarettes? That is a common; question many users have when they are looking into e-cigarette to replace their tobacco cigarettes. First, let’s state the obvious. Nicotine is a toxin and a stimulant. Too much nicotine is never a good thing, just as to much of anything is not a good thing. As they say, anything in excess is not good!

Ok, that is great you say, I need my nicotine, but what are the other e-cigarette dangers you should be aware of? You may have heard all kinds of things on the news about how electronic cigarettes contain this substance and that substance and how they are not good for you. Yes, we understand that. Most of the news stations only ask the question, “Are electronic cigarettes good for you?” That is an easy question to answer…  NO, they are not good for you. Nicotine is an addictive substance that is not good for.

Ok, but whether they are good for you or not is a moot point, after all, you are already smoking tobacco cigarettes which you KNOW are BAD for you.  They have been proven time and again to cause cancer.  Tobacco cigarettes have over tobacco cigarette dangers4000 chemicals, compounds, and toxins in them, many of which are carcinogenic and cause cancer.

All these people worried about electronic cigarette dangers should be asking a different question, a question which may actually provide smokers some information they can use.  That question is… Are electronic cigarettes safer for you than tobacco cigarettes?

That is what people really need to know, so why are they not asking this question? Most likely because the answer is pretty obvious. You have tobacco cigarettes which are known to have over 4000 compounds and then you have electronic cigarettes which have 3,4,5 maybe 8,9, or 10 compounds. It seems pretty apparent which is going to be less harmful.

E-Cigarette Dangers in the News

You may have seen in the news the e-cigarette danger about antifreeze being in electronic cigarettes. The compound they are referring to is DEG (diethylene glycol). They say that e-cigarettes are unsafe because they contain DEG. What they are purposely leaving out is that DEG is also found in tobacco leaves. In case it is not, they add DEG to tobacco as a humectant, yet they warn you that you should not use electronic cigarettes because they contain this compound.

In case that is not enough fear mongering, what they also don’t tell you on the news is that of the 19 cartridges they tested, they only found DEG in 1 cartridge, yes only 1, in an very small amounts. However, this one discovery was apparently all they needed to go ahead and “claim” that ALL e-cigarettes contain DEG.  It is misinformation at its best!

Click here to check out the full report on the FDA’s findings.

They also talk about several other substances they found, also in very low amounts, which for some reason they left off the exact amount. Since the FDA wants to ban e-cigs (but leave tobacco cigarettes alone), it would seem the only reason they would leave out the exact amount is because it would be so miniscule that it would hurt their cause and not help it. Had it been a significant amount, they would surely have posted it as it would have greatly furthered their cause!

These substances they say increase e-cigarette dangers are cotinine, anabasine, myosmine, and B-nicotyrine. Let’s look at these just a little bit further. 

The 4 Compounds of E-Cigarette Dangers

Keep in mind, these compounds were also only found in some of the samples, not all of them as they would have you believe.

Cotinine is a metabolite of tobacco and is found in tobacco cigarettes. A metabolite is a substance that is formed from the breakdown of another by your body. As your body metabolizes tobacco smoke, cotinine is formed. This substance, which is found in tobacco, is also found in some electronic cigarette e-liquids, specifically those which contain nicotine. Using deductive reasoning, we may be safe to say that cotinine is a metabolite of nicotine, which would mean that anything that contains nicotine will have cotinine present. Read more on Cotinine.

4 Compounds of E-Cigarette DangersWhen you go to get life insurance or take other tests to determine whether or not you are using tobacco, they often measure the levels of cotinine in your blood to determine if you are a smoker or not.  So yes, cotinine may be in e-cigarettes, but it is also in tobacco cigarettes, something they do not tell you or make obvious, as is the case with all these compounds!

Anabasine is also found in tobacco smoke and can be used as an indicator as to how much tobacco smoke you are exposed to. Read more on anabasine.

Myosmine is of course also found in tobacco smoke and is closely related to nicotine in its chemical makeup. Read more on myosmine.

And finally, B-nicotyrine, another substance found in tobacco smoke. Read more on B-nicotyrine.

Some studies have shown that these substances may also be present in other smoking alternative therapies such as the patch and nicotine gums. However, these items are approved for use by the FDA.

Furthermore, these nitrosamines they talk about are tobacco specific which means they are of course in tobacco cigarettes. Not only that, many of these nitrosamines are in personal use and cosmetic products such as mascara, shampoos, and other products.

Are these e-cigarette dangers worthy of banning electronic cigarettes?  Ironically, the FDA thinks so, but they are not trying to ban tobacco cigarettes, which have all these substances in them, and thousands more. Want to take a quick peak at a short list of the compounds in tobacco smoke – click here to go there now!

What's with the FDA?

E-Cigarette Dangers

Why does the FDA seem so concerned with e-cigarette dangers while they leave tobacco cigarettes alone? Does big tobacco have something to do with it? Do they not like the fact that e-cigarettes are taking on a larger and larger portion of their consumer base and they are using their lobbyists to try and get e-cigarettes banned? Is it because the government can tax tobacco cigarettes much more than the simple sales tax and they cannot do so with tobacco cigarettes? Or maybe it is just because the FDA wants to control anything and everything you put into your body!

Many people jump to the conclusion the well, if it is not FDA approved than it must be bad. Really? Did you know that vitamins and mineral supplements are not FDA approved and not regulated by the FDA. Does that mean the Vitamin A, B, C, D and E is bad for you because it is not FDA approved? Absolutely not and there is thousands of pages of evidence stating just that!

Do Your Research

Research Electronic Cigarette DangersAt the end of the day, I am not asking you to believe me or anything I say, it is your life, your body, and your health. Look at the facts, look at the evidence, look at the testimonials of those who use e-cigarettes, and decide for yourself if e-cigarette dangers are real or not as they are proposed to be.

My personal opinion is that no, they are no good for you, but they are certainly not as bad for you as tobacco cigarettes, that is quite clear from everything that I have read.

Do your homework, do not take for fact what the government, the FDA, or anyone else for that matter tells you, and just because they do not approve it, does not mean it is bad. What they are stating may be true, but you are not always getting the FULL story or the FULL truth, which can change something that is determined to be bad into something that is rather good when compared against what you are already doing.