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Atomizers and E-liquid

Why is my E-cig not producing much vapor?

If your electronic cigarette is not producing much vapor, there are a few things you should check.
NOTE:  When you inhale the vapor into your lungs and blow it back out, there will be noticeably less vapor than if you were to just inhale the vapor into your mouth and then blow it out.  In most of the videos demonstrating the amount of vapor produced for different e-cigs, you will notice they simply inhale the smoke into their mouth and then blow it out without ever actually taking it down into their lungs.  Give this a try to see the difference, this may be why you think your e-cig is not producing much vapor.  If not, continue onů
1.  Be sure that your battery has a good charge on it.  If the tip of your battery is blinking several times (most models blink 5 times when it needs charging, but this may vary) when you drag on it, it needs to be recharged.
2. Be sure that you have a nicotine cartridge on your atomizer that has plenty of fluid in it.  If you have just placed a new cartridge on your atomizer, be sure that cartridge has fluid in it (and enough of it).  It does happen, though it is very rare, that you will open a nicotine cartridge from its wrapper and put it on assuming that it has nicotine fluid in it, only for it to be bone dry.  So check visually to make sure the fibers in the cartridge look wet.
Once you have confirmed that neither of the above issues are the problem, continue onů 
3.  Be sure that when you inhale on your E-cigarette, the L.E.D. (wherever it is on the e-cig you are using) is lighting up. 

FOR AUTOMATIC BATTERIES: If the L.E.D. is not lighting up when you inahle, try dragging a little harder and see if you have any luck. Try doing a really hard, quick suck on it to see if it lights up at all. If it lights up briefly when you do this, you have a switch inside that has become defective and is taking lots of suction to activate it.  If it does not light up at all, your switch, and in effect your battery, is most likely no longer working.  Try your atomizer on another battery to try and narrow down the problem.  If you try another battery and you have lots of vapor, it is safe to say the other battery is defective. (Before you write it off as no good, try tapping the battery on a hard surface a couple of times .  The batteries have a pressure sensitive switch which can get stuck at times and sometimes doing this will un-stick it)

FOR MANUAL PUSH BUTTON BATTERIES: Push the button on your battery and see if the L.E.D. on your e-cig is lighting up. If it is flashing, you may need to charge your battery. If the L.E.D. is not lighting up at all and you have been using it a while, you need to charge it. If the L.E.D. is not lighting up at all and you just took it off the charger, it is likely your battery is defective or has quit working for one reason or another. Try the atomizer on another battery and see if produces vapor, if so, you know your other battery is faulty.
4.  If you try another battery or two and still no vapor is produced, it is likely that you have a bad atomizer.  Try using another atomizer to see if it produces good vapor, if so, the other atomizer may be defective or just need a good cleaning.  If it is a new atomizer, it is most likely defective.  If it is an atomizer that you have been using for a while, it may just need a good cleaning (or could be dead).  Click here to learn how to clean your atomizer. 

Why does my battery keep cutting out?

Lots of batteries have an automatic shutoff if you use it for more than 5-10 consecutive seconds.  Most batteries then have a cool off time of approximately 30 seconds to 2 minutes in which they will not activate.  This is to prevent overheating of the atomizer and battery and to protect the heating coil in the atomizer.  So if you are taking long drags and your battery keeps cutting out, this is likely what is happening.

Why is the L.E.D. on my battery blinking?

When the battery blinks 5 to 10 times (this varies on different models but is usually 5 times), that battery is drained of its power and needs to be recharged. Hook up the battery to your charger and charge for the amount of time specified in your user manual.

Why does the L.E.D. stay lit for several seconds after I drag on the E-cig?

FOR AUTOMATIC BATTERIES: The battery uses a pressure switch to activate the battery.  If the L.E.D. on your battery is staying on for more than a second or two after you stop dragging on it, your pressure switch may be getting slightly stuck.  Try tapping the end of the battery on a hard, flat surface a few times (not too hard, just hard enough to give it a good nudge) and try using it again.  This can sometimes unstick the pressure switch.  If this does not work, try tapping the other end of the battery on a hard, flat surface a few times and try using it again. If that does not help, try taking a few really strong, quick drags on the e-cig to possibly unstick the pressure switch.

FOR MANUAL PUSH BUTTON BATTERIES: Your L.E.D. may stay lit up for about a second or two after releasing the button, this is normal as the power fades out of the circuits. However, if it stays lit any longer, it is likely your button is stuck. Try wiggling the button a little, press and depress it again, whatever you can do to try and unstick the button.

Why is my battery/atomizer getting hot?

ATOMIZER GETTING HOT: Your atomizer will naturally get warm, this is normal as it utilizes a heating coil to vaporize the nicotine fluid/air mixture. If it seems to be getting really hot, hotter than usual, the first thing to do is to unscrew the atomizer from the battery, this will remove all power to it. Next, check your battery to see if it may have somehow got stuck in the on position. Is the L.E.D. still on? This means the battery is still on.

If everything seems normal with the battery, check the atomizer and your cartridge to see if it needs more e-liquid. The e-liquid absorbs the heat of the coil. If you have very little to no e-liquid to absorb this heat, the metal casing of the atomizer will start to absorb it making your atomizer hotter than usual. If this is the case, add e-liquid to your atomizer and fluid, let it cool off, and try using again.

BATTERY GETTING HOT: If the battery is getting hotter than usual, there is most likely a problem with your battery.

First, make sure the battery is not stuck in the on position by ensuring the L.E.D. is not lit.   If it is still on, try to turn it off. If you get it to turn off, you have fixed your problem and the battery should start cooling. IF THE THE BATTERY STARTS GETTING EXCESSIVELY HOT AND SEEMS TO BE STUCK ON AND GETTING HOTTER, TAKE THE BATTERY OUTSIDE IMMEDIATELY AND PUT IT AWAY FROM YOURSELF AND OTHER PEOPLE.

The L.E.D. on my battery is stuck in the on position (L.E.D. stays lit).

FIRST: Remove your atomizer immediately to prevent it from overheating. 
If your battery is stuck on and your atomizer is connected, it will burn up your atomizer.  Next, tap the L.E.D. end of the battery on a hard, flat surface a few times (not too hard, just hard enough to give it a good nudge) and see if the L.E.D. has turned off.  If so, your pressure switch has been unstuck and your battery should again be operational.  If this did not work, try tapping the other end of the battery (the threaded end) on a hard, flat surface a few times and see if the L.E.D. has gone off.  If not, try tapping each end again a little harder until the L.E.D. goes out.  When it does, you have successfully unstuck your pressure switch and you can resume using your battery.

Why does the L.E.D. charge indicator light on my charger keep changing colors?

On some of the battery chargers, the L.E.D. charge indicator light will change from green to red to green continually, or may even go green and stay green after only a short period of charge time.  If either of these things happen, it is ok, your battery is still charging. 
First, make sure your battery is screwed all the way onto the charger.  Then, just let the battery charge for the normal 3-4 hours to ensure a full charge.  If it is green after an hour, just leave it and continue to let it charge for the 3-4 hours.  This will ensure that you get a full charge each time and are not mislead by the L.E.D.

How to Keep Your Atomizer in Great Working Order

The Atomizer is the work-horse of the electronic cigarette.  Sure, the battery supplies the power, but the atomizer makes vaping possible.  The atomizer has a tiny heating coil inside it which heats up and vaporizes the nicotine fluid when you use your electronic cigarette.  As with anything that gets hot, it has certain limitations on just how hot it can get.  So, making sure that your atomizer does not get to hot is KEY to keeping it working well for months and months.
  • Don't allow your cartridges to dry out before replacing or refilling them.  Doing so can cause your atomizer to overheat and become damaged.
  • Do not drip E-liquid directly onto the atomizer.
  • Store your E-cigarette in a place where it will not come into contact with other metals such as coins or keys.  These metallic items could cause your battery to turn on the atomizer when you are not using it and cause it to overheat.  Keeping it in some sort of carrying case is best, or a pocket with no other items in it is ok. 
  • Dropping your E-cigarette is not good for it.  It is an electronic device and doing so can damage it.  Just like dropping your I-pod, cell phone, or cd player can cause damage to it.
  • Different E-liquids, depending on who made them, can shorten the life of the atomizer.
  • Clean your atomizer when it needs it (producing poor vapor).  But make sure its not the battery or something else before you clean it.

How to keep your atomizer from overheating

Pretend that your atomizer is the engine for your electronic cigarette.  Practically every engine created needs a system for cooling itself when it gets hot.  In most cases, the coolant is some form of oil.  So if your atomizer is an engine, the nicotine fluid is the coolant.  What I am saying here is that if you allow your cartridge to get to dry and run out of nicotine fluid (coolant), then you run the risk of it overheating and becoming damaged.  So make sure you are not running your cartridges completely dry before changing them or refilling them.   

When to clean your atomizer

When your atomizer does not seem to be producing the same amount of vapor as it used to, or it just seems to be running a bit sluggish, it may be time to clean your atomizer.  But first, make sure it's not due to a battery which needs to be recharged or a nicotine cartridge which is dry and needs to be replace or refilled.  Both of these things will cause your atomizer to not produce a good quantity of vapor.  If you sure these two things are not the culprit, click here to learn how to clean your atomizer.

How to Dry Out Your Atomizer

The main reason you may want to dry out your atomizer is if you are going to be switching flavored cartridges and you do not want any bleed over flavor to disrupt the taste of your new cartridge.
Tools you will need
Paper Towel
Step 1
Place the atomizer on a paper towel standing up with the metal sponge end down (lean it against something so it stay standing) so that any e-liquid in the metal sponger can drain and be absorbed into the paper towel.  After a minute or so, move the atomizer to a dry spot on the paper towel to continue drying it.  You can also blow into the atomizer from the battery end to force out any fluid inside the atomizer itself.  Continue to do this until no more wetness is showing on the paper towel and you are sure that atomizer is completely dry.
Step 2
Do not let your atomizer sit for to long withough refilling it with e-liquid.  There are two ways to do this.  You can either add 3 or so drops directly to the metal sponge on the atomizer, or you can put a fresh cartridge onto the atomizer.  If you use the cartridge, be sure to let the atomizer sit for a couple minutes so it can soak up some of the nicotine fluid.  Also, it may absorb quite a bit which may make your cartridge not last as long as usual.


How to Clean Your Atomizer

If you have been using your atomizer for a while now and it seems to be producing less vapor or just not working quite as well as it did when you first received it, it may be time to clean it out.  Please follow the instructions below to thoroughly clean your atomizer. 
Tools you will need
Hot water
A spoon
A coffee mug
Paper Towel
Step 1
Find some hot water.  It can be as hot as you like, and generally the hotter the better, but not boiling.   Once you have your hot water, pour it into your coffee mug if it's not already in there.
Step 2
Place your atomizer in the hot water using the spoon.  Swirl it around and let it stay in there for roughly ten to fifteen minutes.  You may see some gunk starting to come off.  This is a good thing.
Step 3
Remove the atomizer from the water and set it on a paper towel to let it cool a little bit.  Once it is cool enough to hold, take the atomizer and blow into the battery end several times in order to help dislodge any gunk that may have built up inside. 
Step 4
For further cleaning, if you still think the atomizer is dirty, repeat steps 2 and 3.
Step 5
Set the clean atomizer on a paper towel standing up with the metal sponge end down so that any excess water inside the atomizer can drain and also so all the water in the metal sponge will be absorbed into the paper towel.  After a minute or so, move the atomizer to a dry spot on the paper towel to continue drying it.  Continue to do this until no more wetness is showing on the paper towel and you are sure that atomizer is completely dry.
m402 atomizer
Step 6
Take a new, full cartridge and put it on the atomizer.  Let it sit for about 5 minutes before using so that the metal sponge can absorb the proper amount of e-liquid.  This is very important to do because if you use your electronic cigarette with a dry atomizer, you run the risk of burning it up and/or damaging the atomizer.  PLEASE DO NOT DRIP E-LIQUID DIRECTLY ONTO THE ATOMIZER (this will shorten the life of your atomizer or ruin it completely).
Step 7
Screw the atomizer onto the battery and enjoy.

How to Refill (top-off) your Cartridge with E-liquid?

If your cartridge is already the desired taste you want it to be, you may want to just top-off your cartridge when it is running low on e-liquid! 
Step 1 
Partially straighten out your paper clip so you have a straight portion and a portion you can grip.  Stick the straightened paper clip through the little hole on the cartridge end (the end you inhale from) and push up the inner cartridge (the portion which houses the fluid).  
Step 2
Simply drip a few drops of E-liquid onto the top of your cartridge.  You can move the filler around a little bit with your paper clip if you need to to help it soak down into the filler material.  Be sure you do not allow liquid to run down the outside of the inner cartridge or you will be sucking in e-liquid when you inhale on your e-cig.  Make sure it only goes into the inner cartridge. 
Step 3
Push the inner cartridge back down into the outer cartridge and you are ready to go! 

 How to Clean and Refill Your Cartridges with E-liquid

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, you can save a good amount of money by purchasing e-liquid to use to refill your cartridges.  You can also follow these instructions to change the flavor of a cartridge which already has e-liquid in it.
Tools you will need
Pair of tweezers (optional)
The stopper that comes with your cartridge
A paper clip
Paper towel or tissue
Step 1 
Partially straighten out your paper clip so you have a straight portion and a portion you can grip.  Stick the straightened paper clip through the little hole on the cartridge end (the end you inhale from) and push out the inner cartridge (the portion which houses the fluid).  
Step 2
Take the inner cartridge and clean it off with your paper towel to remove excess nicotine fluid from the outside of it. 
Step 3
With your paper clip, slide it along the inside edge of the inner cartridge and scoop out the filler material which holds the fluid, or you can use the tweezers to simply pull it out.

Step 4
Take the filler material in between your paper towel and pinch together to remove all the excess fluid from the filler.  If you are changing flavors, you can even rinse the material under some water (hot or cold), to remove any fluid taste. 
Step 5
Once you have the filler cleaned and rinsed, again, pinch it between some paper towels to make sure that it is completely dry.
Step 6
Clean out the inside of the inner cartridge by rinsing it in some water or simply by rolling up part of your paper towel and stick it inside the cartridge and turning it around and around. 

Step 7
You will need the inner cartridge and your E-liquid for this step.  Take the inner cartridge and drip about 4 or 5 drops of liquid into the inner cartridge.
Step 8
Take your filler and push it back down into the inner cartridge.  Push it all the way down in there to soak up the maximum amount of fluid.  While it is still pushed all the way down, add another 1 or 2 drops of fluid into the inner cartridge on top of the filler.  
Step 9
With your paper clip, again, slide it inside the inner wall of the inner cartridge all the way down, and with a scooping motion, pull the filler back up and flush with the top of the inner cartridge.  Or, with your tweezers, simply grab the filler and pull it back flush with the top.
Step 10
Insert the inner cartridge back into the outer cartridge and push it back down to the bottom with your little rubber stopper that comes with your cartridge.  This will ensure that the inner cartridge is exactly where it should be.
Step 11
Put the cartridge back on the atomizer and you are ready to go.  If you also drained your atomizer (which you should do if you are switching flavors to avoid a flavor mix), or if you are using a new atomizer, please let the cartridge sit on the atomizer for about 5 minutes to ensure it has time to absorb the proper amount of nicotine fluid.  If it is dry, you run the risk of burning up your atomizer.  PLEASE DO NOT DRIP LIQUID DIRECTLY ONTO THE ATOMIZER (this will shorten the life of your atomizer or ruin it completely)
Step 12
Puff away on your E-cig and enjoy!

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